UNE is part of the National Network of Elite Athlete Friendly Universities, which supports Australia's elite athletes to achieve academic excellence whilst also pursuing a sporting career. The University supports Students who are formally recognised Elite Athletes and provides strategies that ensure that they are not unduly disadvantaged academically or financially as a consequence of participation in their sporting commitments.

An Elite Athlete is a Student who is identified and recognised by one of the following organisations as an Elite Athlete representing Australia, or a State or Territory of Australia:

  • Australian Institute of Sport
  • State Institutes or Academies of Sport
  • Australian Cricketers' Association
  • Rugby Union Players' Association
  • AFL Players’ Association
  • Rugby League Professionals' Association
  • Australian Professional Footballers' Association
  • Alternatively, they must be a national squad member from Australian Sports Commission funded sports

Once you have registered with the Elite Athlete Program and provided relevant documentation, we will develop an Elite Athlete Study Plan (EASP). 

The EASP is the formal document, developed for each registered student individually, that outlines the study and assessment adjustments available. 

You are requested to forward your EASP to your unit coordinators, should you require any in-class reasonable adjustments, such as extra time for Moodle tests or extensions on assessments.

Please note that your unit coordinators need to approve and implement all in-class adjustments as well as requests for extensions of time for assignments.