SyncED - Effective Online Facilitation

SyncED is an academic development project designed to help you get the most out of your online facilitation experience using Zoom, or any other synchronous communication platform. While there is a distinct teaching focus here, many of the concepts apply whether you are teaching, hosting webinars, collaborating with peers, or just using it as a way to connect with people online.

SyncED features short learning modules aimed to be relevant to your learning needs, as you develop your facilitation skills within the Zoom environment.

Perhaps you are fairly new to using Zoom and facilitating webinars - then the following modules may be the best place to start:

Perhaps you have some experience facilitating webinars, and want to learn about building an interactive and engaging learning environment - then the following modules may be for you:

The main message is that these learning modules are short pieces of learning that can be completed when you want - and as you need. Pick a relevant module and work through it in your own time or attend a Zoom webinar (check out the events schedule page) if that takes your fancy too.

We wish you all the best in your Zoom endeavours.