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  • Why do a research degree at UNE?


    The University of New England is one of Australia’s oldest universities and is located in picturesque New South Wales half way between Sydney and Brisbane. It has a 77 year tradition of excellence in teaching, learning and research and has repeatedly been given a 5 star rating. It is also one of Australia’s most experienced distance education providers and has a recognised national and international reputation for its commitment to distance education, providing high quality postgraduate research supervision, and for setting high standards for research and academic learning.

    Research @ UNE | Useful Information for Prospective Students

  • Features of the PhD program at UNE

    PhD studentWith the support from academic supervisors, students can pursue a program of research at the doctoral or masters honours level researching a topic usually based on their academic interests and/or the workplace research priorities of their organisation. Students can choose to study either full-time (on or off campus) or part-time.

    Students have access to UNE facilities such as the University’s library collection of electronic journals and documents and e-learning tools. It is expected that you will be in regular contact with your supervisors which can be via on-campus meetings, teleconferences or videoconferences. You have the option of attending a postgraduate research residential conference once a year held on campus in Australia allowing you to interact with the Faculty, your supervisors and fellow postgraduate research students from Australia, and overseas including Canada, USA, Asia, South America, and Europe.

    Today supervision is easily facilitated using face to face opportunities through net conferencing such as Skype, phone and email communication. This means that expert supervision teams and supervisors are more readily accessable whether you are on campus, within Australia or studying from from overseas.

  • This topic

    Choosing an area of study

    Postgrad students

    The University offers a number of different Doctoral programs which suit students with a variety of needs and aspirations.

    The schools in The Faculty of The Professions include: Education, Health, Rural Medicine, Business, Economics and Public Policy, and Law.

    The schools in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences include: Humanities, Arts, Science and Technology, Environmental and Rural Science,and Behavioural, Cognitive and Social Sciences.

    Centres of Research Excellence at UNE

    Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs)

    • School Contacts


      Please contact the School HDR Coordinator orl HDR Administrative Assistant at the School of your discipline choice for further information or help.


      • Getting started


        This section will lead you through the process of considering admission to a higher degree research program.

        We would like to assist you with thinking about your intended research topic and degree as you begin the application process.

        This information will be helpful to share with the UNE contact when you make an appointment for advice.

      • Getting Help, Guidance and Assistance


        Using your reflections, you might now like to make time for a discussion about your motivations....

        HDR Coordinators contacts

        Research Training Scheme (RTS) for HDR Students

        HDR Related Policies and Forms (for Prospective Students)

      • Preparing your Research Proposal and Application

        Your Research Proposal should be a clear and concise outline of the objectives of your study and the means by which the goals will be achieved.

        The University looks for research proposals which demonstrate that, with the advice of the Supervisors, the applicant has the capacity to translate the ideas into an appropriate research thesis, with potential outcomes appropriate to the level of study i.e. Masters Research or Doctoral.

      • Scholarship Information


        UNE offers a variety of Scholarships. Information about these, as well as links to relevant forms are available from this link.

        Applications for UNE scholarships are accepted on an on-going basis throughout the year (subject to funding).

        Further information about Australian Scholarships