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Common Module Settings, Restrict Access and Activity Completion

Activity Completion

Activity completion allows students to check off activities or resources manually (which is useful for self-monitoring) or it can be set to require students to view a resource or complete a task. The options vary between different resource/ activity types.

Note: This setting will only appear if Activity completion has been enabled for your unit site (Administration > Site administration > Edit Site Settings > Completion tracking > Enable completion tracking > Yes).

To set up activity completion for a resource/ activity, choose from 'Do not indicate activity completion' 'Students can manually mark the activity as completed' or 'Show activity as complete when conditions are met'. If manual completion tracking is selected, students will see a check box next to the activity/ resource on the site home page:

manual completion

If 'Show activity as complete when conditions are met' is selected, one or more of a range of conditions can be chosen. 

Activity completion

An expected date for completion can also be set (this date is not shown to students and is only displayed in the activity completion report), however we have found that this can cause problems such as preventing students from certain actions after the set date, so this setting is not recommended at UNE.

Note: The options for activity completion vary depending on the resource/ activity ie activity completion for a forum can include a requirement to post discussions and / or replies; assignments include a submission option; lessons include options for time on task or completion to end of lesson).

See the Activity Completion page in the Reports book for an explanation of the reporting available once activity completion is enabled and set up.