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Groups and Groupings

This resource describes how to set up groups and groupings within a unit site.

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Book: Groups and Groupings
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Date: Monday, 18 November 2019, 10:42 AM

Creating Groups

On the home page of the unit, click on the Users > Groups in the Administration block.

groups setting

The Groups tab shows each group already in the unit. Unit cohorts are automatically created as groups in units and are updated as enrolments change. These groups do not need to be created manually. This example has groups for ECON143 and ECON243 ON and OFF.

Groups listing

Groups can be created by adding members manually or by auto-creating groups (Note: These instructions are for staff wanting to create groups but students can self-select groups to join by using the Choose your own group activity).

Click on Create groups to manually add students to groups OR Auto-create groups to have groups automatically generated (Note: If groups are automatically created from cohorts, they will not be updated if new students enrol or if students withdraw from the unit).

Notes: Manual creation of groups can be time consuming in a large unit. Once groups are created, a Group selection activity can be set up for students to choose a group.

Create Group

To create a group manually, click on Create group and give the group a name (required) and description (optional).

Create group

Ignore the Group ID number and the Enrolment key. Adding a picture is optional. Click Save changes.

Highlight the group in the listing and click on Add/remove users to populate the group.

If the unit has a small number of users, they will appear in the Potential users frame, but for most units, you will need to Search to display students.

Add/remove users

To add members, simply click on the name in the Potential users frame and click on Add.

Multiple members can be added by holding the shift key and clicking on a range of students or holding the control key and choosing individual students from the list.

Notes: Manual creation of groups can be time consuming in a large unit. Once groups are created, a Group selection activity can be set up for students to choose a group.

Auto-Create Groups

To auto-create groups, click on Auto-create groups and define the parameters you want for this group ie Naming scheme, number per group or number of groups (the Auto create based on menu offers these options - the Group/ member count is a required field), allocation methods and the grouping and grouping name.

The Group members section allows you to choose whether the group to be created is selected from an existing grouping or group (cohorts will appear as groups to choose from in this menu), allocate members randomly or alphabetically by first name, last name or ID number (this is the UNE student number).

When auto-creating groups, the default is set to create a new grouping. If you are creating the groups from an existing grouping, you may want to change this to the grouping selected in the Select group members from grouping section.

Once completed, click Preview to review the group allocations or Submit to continue.

auto create groups

Creating Groupings

To set up groupings, click the Groupings tab and choose Create grouping.

Groupings tab

Name the grouping, add a description (optional) and Save changes.

Create grouping

The Grouping will appear in a table:

Groupings list

Add groups to the grouping by clicking on the groups symbol in the edit column: groups symbol

These are added in the same way as adding group members to a group (choose the group in the list and click Add).

Groupings can also be edited or deleted from this area. The check boxes on the left of the table (indicated above) can be used to select multiple groupings to delete.

This table also includes an Activities column which indicates if activities in the unit already have groupings assigned. Once Groups are added to a grouping, they also appear in the table.

Assigning resources and activities to groups and groupings

Once groups and groupings are created, activities and resources within the unit can be assigned to specific groups of students. See the section on Common Module Settings, Restrictions and Activity Completion for information on this functionality.