Guide to sourcing and using tile images

1. Overview

Staff in the Schools of Arts, Humanities and BCSS are able to set their own tile images for use in Moodle. You are not required to use tile images at all, nor are you required to use tiles other than the default images, but if you do happen to want custom tiles for your unit, and you teach in Arts, Humanities or BCSS, you are now able to set these yourself. Two things to bear in mind for this:

  • Size and resolution matters - you will need to ensure images are high quality and are resized to fit so that your unit looks good on all devices and loads quickly.
  • Since tile images are used to enhance the look of a unit rather than being used for educational purposes, they fall outside the Part VB copyright provisions. This means that all tile images must be copyright compliant and correctly attributed.

This book will run you through where to source appropriate images, and how to resize them (if necessary) and set them in your unit. If you have any questions or issues please contact your School Learning Designer.

For more in-depth information about copyright and media use in units, please see the Using Third Party content for UNE Units guide created by UNE's Copyright Officer, Berenice Scott.