Common Module Settings, Restrict Access and Activity Completion

Restrict Access

Restrict access allows an activity or resource to be released at a particular time or as a result of specific student actions/ achievements.

To add a restriction, click on the Add restriction button in the activity/ resource settings.

add restriction

Choose the restriction required from the list, or choose Restriction set to apply multiple restrictions.

restrict access options

Badge sets a restriction based on achievement of a badge via another activity or resource. For example, students may be restricted from accessing lab resources until after completion of a lab safety exercise for which they receive a Lab Safety badge. Badges carry across units and Schools. If credentialing is set up using badges, please name them wisely as all UNE created badges will appear in the menu options for this restriction.

Activity completion links the activity/ resource to completion of another task. This could be reading an article or passing a quiz. The restriction can also be set for non completion by choosing 'must not' from the initial drop down menu. To set this up, simply choose the activity that the restriction is based on (the drop down menu here will include all items currently in the unit), then the requirement ie 'must be marked complete'; 'must not be marked complete'; 'must be complete with pass grade'; or 'must be complete with fail grade'. 

Restrict access

Note: The open eye in front of the restriction refers to the visibility of the conditional information. If the eye remains open, the activity / resource and the condition will display in a greyed out font (as below). If the eye is closed, the activity/ resource will be hidden completely from students.

restrict access page display

Date sets a date and time that the activity/ resource will be available from or until.

Be careful how you use this option - setting a date restriction on graded activities will hide the activity and grades from students following the end date. Setting these dates may also impact students who retain access to the unit following the completion of Trimester. You can use this setting to assign a start date with no end date restriction. 

restrict access date

Grade sets an activity / resource to display on achievement of grades above and/or below a percentage. This restriction can only be assigned to graded items.

restrict access grade

Group and Groupings allows you to restrict the activity/ resource to specific groups or groupings. These must be set up for your site in order to appear in the drop down menu as an option. See previous section for information on restricting groups and groupings access in activities. 

Academic Integrity restricts the activity/ resource to those students who have completed the Academic Integrity Module.

User profile restricts availability of an activity / resource based on student completion of specific fields in his/ her Moodle Profile, while Restriction set allows for nested combinations of restrictions.

If more than one restriction is required and selected, an option to choose 'all' or 'any' will appear in relation to the restrictions applied.

multiple restrictions

restrict access optional

Note: Completion tracking must be set to yes for students to be able to mark tasks complete - this setting is in 'Edit settings' in the Administration block on the unit home page.

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