Common Module Settings, Restrict Access and Activity Completion

Common Module Settings

Common Module Settings is where visibility can be set for the activity/ resource.

The Visible setting is linked to the show/hide eye icon on the site main page and is used to set the visibility of an activity or resource.

Options are:

  • Show - Visible to students
  • Hidden - Not visible to students and,
  • Available but not shown on site page - With this option the item will not display on the site page, but you can link to it and students will be able to access it via the link.

Common module settings

ID number provides an option for a number to be assigned to an activity to identify it for grade calculation purposes. However, there are simpler ways of achieving this in gradebook set-up.

Group Mode and Grouping allows the activity to be restricted to separate or visible groups (using the Group mode drop down menu) and to a Grouping. Once these are chosen, click the Add group/ grouping access restriction button to add this automatically. See Groups and Groupings for more information.

Common module settings- groups

Restrict access is usually set as well when using groups. The eye is used to control what is displayed to students if the restriction criteria is not met. If the eye is open, the activity will display greyed out with the restriction information displaying underneath. If the eye is closed, the activity will be hidden completely from students.

Restrict access grouping

Coordinator view with eye open:

Restrict access UC view

Student view with eye open:

Activity restriction (groups)

Coordinator view with eye closed:

UC view eye closed

With the eye closed nothing displays on the student page.

Note: When using groups, group mode and restrictions are usually required to be set.