Groups and Groupings

Creating Groups

On the home page of the unit, click on the Users > Groups in the Administration block.

groups setting

The Groups tab shows each group already in the unit. Unit cohorts are automatically created as groups in units and are updated as enrolments change. These groups do not need to be created manually. This example has groups for ECON143 and ECON243 ON and OFF.

Groups listing

Groups can be created by adding members manually or by auto-creating groups (Note: These instructions are for staff wanting to create groups but students can self-select groups to join by using the Choose your own group activity).

Click on Create groups to manually add students to groups OR Auto-create groups to have groups automatically generated (Note: If groups are automatically created from cohorts, they will not be updated if new students enrol or if students withdraw from the unit).

Notes: Manual creation of groups can be time consuming in a large unit. Once groups are created, a Group selection activity can be set up for students to choose a group.