Groups and Groupings

Create Group

To create a group manually, click on Create group and give the group a name (required) and description (optional).

Create group

Ignore the Group ID number and the Enrolment key. Adding a picture is optional. Click Save changes.

Highlight the group in the listing and click on Add/remove users to populate the group.

If the unit has a small number of users, they will appear in the Potential users frame, but for most units, you will need to Search to display students.

Add/remove users

To add members, simply click on the name in the Potential users frame and click on Add.

Multiple members can be added by holding the shift key and clicking on a range of students or holding the control key and choosing individual students from the list.

Notes: Manual creation of groups can be time consuming in a large unit. Once groups are created, a Group selection activity can be set up for students to choose a group.