Groups and Groupings

Auto-Create Groups

To auto-create groups, click on Auto-create groups and define the parameters you want for this group ie Naming scheme, number per group or number of groups (the Auto create based on menu offers these options - the Group/ member count is a required field), allocation methods and the grouping and grouping name.

The Group members section allows you to choose whether the group to be created is selected from an existing grouping or group (cohorts will appear as groups to choose from in this menu), allocate members randomly or alphabetically by first name, last name or ID number (this is the UNE student number).

When auto-creating groups, the default is set to create a new grouping. If you are creating the groups from an existing grouping, you may want to change this to the grouping selected in the Select group members from grouping section.

Once completed, click Preview to review the group allocations or Submit to continue.

auto create groups