Add an Activity

Add an Activity

Group Selection

The Group Selection tool can be used to allow students to allocate themselves to a group for any activity that has been set up as a group activity.

Note: Groupings must be created in the unit prior to setting up this activity. See this page on Groups and Groupings for guidelines on how to set up groupings.

To set up a Group Selection within a unit follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Click on the 'Add an activity or resource' link in the appropriate topic block or section on the unit home page, select 'Group Selection' from the Activities section and click 'Add' at the bottom of the pop-up. 

Group Selection

Step 2:

Complete the fields for Name (required) and Description (optional). The Name will become the link on the site homepage that students will click on to access the group selection.

Group selection

In the Allow selection from menu, the default will be 'all groups' - this MUST be changed. Because UNE students are enrolled in cohorts, each cohort in the unit is a group and the group selection does not work if the default is left at 'all groups'. If you have groupings set up, choose the grouping that you want students to choose groups from. If not, please cancel and refer to this page prior to creating a group selection.


Decide whether an enrol password is required (not necessary in most circumstances).

Set the Default Max members per group (this will prevent students from joining groups which have reached the maximum number of members).

If there is a time period for students to join a group enable the Open from and Open until time frames and set the dates as required.

Step 3:

Common module settings is used to set visibility (ie hide/ show) or if the Group Selection needs to be only available to certain groupings. Restrict access is used if the Group Selection needs to be only to be available during a certain time period or if access is dependent on a condition such as a grade or activity/ badge completion. It also includes settings for groups or groupingsActivity completion allows you to track completion either by students manually marking the activity as complete or by meeting certain conditions. These settings are covered elsewhere in this site. 

Step 4: 

Click Save and return or Save and display. 

When viewing as a Unit Coordinator, the page will display the groups and members of those groups:

Group select view

The Limits tab allows you to change the size limit on each group individually.

When viewing as a student, the option to join a group is presented on the right hand side of the table:

Group select view - student