Managing Moodle

Home page editing options

To the left of resources/ activities there is an arrow. Click and hold the arrow to drag and drop items to a new location.

To the right of the resource/ activity title, there is a pencil icon. Click the pencil to quickly edit the title. Click return when finished to exit the text box and save the change.

home page edit tools

The Edit menu for resources/ activities is accessed by clicking on the Edit drop down menu on the right of the screen in line with the item. The options in this menu are:

  • Edit settings - to change content and setting for an item (see following pages for more detail on this).
  • Move right - to indent the activity/ resources on the home page of the unit (indented items will have an additional option to move left).
  • Hide - to hide the item from students.
  • Duplicate - to create a copy of the activity / resource. This is handy for some items, but if a number of settings are required to be changed in the copy, it is likely to be easier to create a new activity/ resource.
  • Delete - to remove the resource/ activity.