About Moodle assignments

The Moodle assignment tool can be used for the submission of files, text via the built in text editor or for recording grades and feedback for offline assignments.

All types of assignments are set up by selecting Add an Activity or Resource > Assignment, including submitting one or more files, online text or even for an offline assignment. Settings in the Submission settings section allow the submission of files and/or the option of providing a text box. Both of these can be disabled and the assignment can be used as an offline activity. 

Offline assignments create an item in the Gradebook providing an area to add a grade and feedback for students. It is appropriate for any task that students do not submit electronically, such as:

  • Assignments that must be submitted in hardcopy (students are provided a link to download an assignment coversheet on the side of all assignment pages which they can use if you advise them that hardcopy submission is allowed/ required)
  • Presentations in tutorials or at intensive schools

Information about assignments for students is available in the Learning Online at UNE Assignments page . There are links included to this information in a help block that appears in the left-hand side of all assignment pages.