Marking workflow

Marking workflow allows teaching staff to control when grades, GradeMark reports and feedback are made available to students. It also allows a status to be set for each submission to assist in the review and moderation process. While hiding the assignment in Moodle Gradebook allows all grades and feedback for the assignment to be hidden and then released at once, marking workflow allows release to an individual student or in batches over different dates. It is also very useful for teaching teams to manage the marking process. For team teaching, or in units with casual marking staff, marking allocation is recommended. 

An assignment grading page showing the marking status


When enabled a drop down menu displays in the status column on the assignment submission table and on the grade pages for each student. Most options have no effect on the release of feedback and grades, they are only there to assist teacher staff to record the status for their own benefit. The exception is 'Released' - this status releases the grade, feedback and GradeMark reports to the student.

When set to Released students gain access to:

  • Grades entered in Moodle
  • Feedback comments entered in Moodle
  • Feedback files uploaded to Moodle
  • GradeMark reports

The exception here is when the Gradebook has been hidden from students (ie the 'eye' is closed on the assignment grades). If Gradebook has been set up so that grades are hidden, you will need to change the marking workload status to 'released' as well as opening the 'eye' on the Assignment grades.

Note: The set status also displays on the student page, so choose carefully. For example if it is set to 'Ready for release' students may enquire about the timing of release.


Enabling Marking Workflow

To enable marking workflow, go to the assignment settings, expand the Grade section and set Use marking workflow to Yes and save the settings.

The setting to enable marking workflow


Setting the status

There are two ways to set students submission status; individually or in bulk.


The status can either be set on the grade page for an individual student as seen in the image below. Alternatively with quick grading enabled, it can be set by selecting the status on the assignment submission table page (see image at the top of the page). If you use the quick grading approach, remember to click the Save all quick grading changes button at the bottom of the table before exiting the page.

The marking workflow setting on an student submission grading page

In bulk

The status can be set for more than one student at a time by checking the box in the Select column for those to be set, selecting Set marking workflow state from the With selected... menu below the table and clicking the Go button. 

The assignment grading page showing 'Set marking workflow state'

You will then see a page with the selected students listed above a drop down menu for the 'Marking workflow state'. Choose the appropriate option and 'Save changes' to apply this status to all students selected. You can choose to notify students from this page as well - but we don't recommend notification until feedback and grades are at the released stage.

set marking workflow


Further information

Further information is available in the Moodle docs Assignment settings page.