1. Gradebook Basics

The Gradebook can be accessed from the Administration block in the left hand column of the unit site. The Grades link provides access to the Grader report, while the Gradebook setup link opens the settings for the Gradebook.


Grader report

The Grader report shows the gradebook for the unit. Students are listed in the left hand column and each assessment task is listed horizontally across the page. The final column is for the Site (or Unit) Total for each student. Student grades are automatically added to the Gradebook as each assessment task is marked, but you can also enter grades manually on this page if editing is turned on (click button at top of page).

The first column in the Grade report, after the student names has two icons which relate to the student in that row (highlighted in blue below). Clicking on the first icon will display the User report for the student. This shows all assignment tasks and the grades the student has received to date. The second links to a Single view page for the student. This page can be used to override grades for students if required.


Manually enter grades

You can manually enter grades for assignments directly into the Gradebook by entering the grade in the box. You can also click the Edit grade icon (looks like a pencil) to go to the grading page for individual students.


Manually enter feedback

The feedback column in the Gradebook is hidden by default, so a settings change is required to make it visible. From the Grader report, click on Setup > Preferences: Grader report. In the General section, change the setting for Show quick feedback to Yes. Click Save changes

Show quick feedback

The feedback column will appear (with editing turned on):

Gradebook - show feedback column

Feedback can be entered directly into the box, or via the assignment grades page, by clicking the Edit grade (pencil) icon above the text box.

Export and import grades

In the Administration block on the left of the Gradebook, there are options to Export the gradebook. The  most common use of this is to export to an Excel spreadsheet. Grades can be entered offline into the spreadsheet and imported again using the Import function (also in the Administration block). These functions are also available from the drop down menu at the top of the Gradebook page, and through the tabs that display above the Gradebook (this is covered in more detail later in this resource). 

Grades administration block

The Callista Grade Export, is set as an optional export method in all Schools except the School of Education. Go to Moodle to Callista Export to learn more about exporting grades to Callista.