Turnitin Similarity Reports and GradeMark


About GradeMark

GradeMark is an online marking solution that is integrated with Turnitin and Moodle. Marking occurs online from within Moodle or an iPad app. Students access their marked assignments by clicking on the GradeMark icon on their assignment page in Moodle. 

This video gives a brief introduction to GradeMark and there are also web resources on the Turnitin website.

Online Tutorial

Try GradeMark for yourself. Turnitin has provided this online tutorial. Click on the link and try marking the demo assignment.

Accessing student submissions

Next to each students assignment submission file that has successfully uploaded to Turnitin there will be a similarity score and pencil icon displayed. Click on the pencil icon to access GradeMark for that file.

The GradeMark icon on the assignment grading page


This video demonstrates GradeMark features.

Whilst grading, comments and the grade are automatically saved, however you do need to click on another part of the page after entering the grade for this to be saved. There is no save button.

Assignment settings

If you intend to use GradeMark ensure that you have the Turnitin settings included in the assignment settings set to your needs. The settings to focus on are:

When should files be submitted to Turnitin

There are two options: Submit file when student sends for marking and Submit when first uploaded. The first option reduces the possibility of draft files from uploading to Turnitin, but prevents files left in draft status from being marked with GradeMark. The second option will allow draft files to be marked but this risks draft files being uploaded to Turnitin.

Allow submission of any file

With this setting set to 'Yes' most files, except for very large files will be uploaded to Turnitin. While a traditional GradeMark report may not be available for some files, GradeMark feedback tools will be available where possible. Where a similarity report cannot be generated a 'X' displays instead of the similarity score.

A view of the submissions page showing a file with a cross indicating a similarity report is not available but GradeMark is

At the very least in GradeMark a blank page with the Turnitin logo will be available to add comments and feedback.

Show Turnitin ID to staff

Setting this to 'Yes' displays each submissions Turnitin ID on the assignment grading page in Moodle. This may be useful if you are using the Turnitin iPad app, and there are multiple files from a student and you need to confirm which one is visible in Moodle.

See Assignment Turnitin settings for more information.

Allowing students to see their marked assignments

WarningVisibility of GradeMark reports is no longer controlled by the 'Show GradeMark to student' setting. It is now controlled by hiding/showing the assignment in Moodle Grades, or using marking workflow settings, in conjunction with entering the grade in the GradeMark report.

NOTE: GradeMark requires a grade or comment/ feedback to be entered in the GradeMark Report for students to see their GradeMark 'blue pen' icon at all. 

There are three methods of releasing GradeMark reports to students.

  • Release-as-you-go. Leave the assignment showing in Moodle Grades, and do not enable marking workflow. Students will not be able to access their GradeMark report UNTIL a grade is entered in their own GradeMark report and the marker closes the report tab/window. At that point that student's grade will be transferred to Moodle and that student will then see the 'blue pen' icon and be able to access their GradeMark report.
  • Release in a single batch. Hide the assignment in Moodle Grades while marking. Marks can be entered in GradeMark or directly to Moodle. When marking is complete, set the assignment to show in Moodle Grades. The 'blue pen' icon will be available immediately for every student who has received a comment or grade in the GradeMark report. After that, late submissions will be automatically released to students as soon as a grade or comment is entered in their GradeMark reports.
  • Release using marking workflow settings. This method gives the most control and is best where review of marking is required before release. Remember that, before setting any submission to 'released' in Moodle, a grade or comment must be entered in the GradeMark report or the student still won't see the 'blue pen' icon.

See Release to students for details.