How to create, upload and submit video assessments in Moodle - using MyMedia

Introduction to My Media

With My Media you can:

  • Upload any media format

  • Embed media anywhere in moodle

  • Record your webcam

  • Trim media

  • Create video quizzes

  • Review analytics

  • Record powerpoint presentations

My media lets you upload and share media within Moodle and other online environments. With My Media you can upload a range of audio and video formats, then embed your media anywhere within moodle using this button. My media allows you to record your webcam, and media files can be trimmed after uploading. You can also create video quizzes, record powerpoint presentations, and see information about your video views. Use the walkthroughs in this playlist to learn more about specific tasks.

To Access My Media select Moodle Home from the Navigation block. Then Select My Media from the drop down menu.


CaptureSpace is a high quality synchronous powerpoint, screen and webcam recorder application that uploads directly into your MyMedia library within Moodle. This is the preferred software solution when recording presentations from your desktop. To download and use the application simply follow the instructions in Introduction to CaptureSpace.