Physics RELOAD Resource Suite

Physics RELOAD Resource Suite

To address key aspects identified during the development of this portal, resources have been selected, adapted and/or developed and classified.

The overarching premise:

  • Provide a suite of complementary resources to cater for different learning styles
  • Provide different approaches to address a key physics concept
  • Provide a consistent look-and-feel for the student/teacher to navigate and select resources

The Resources can be categorised into three classes:


Learning Opportunities and Assessment (Formative)

Discussion tools


Aim: To spark and maintain interest in the topic.

Phys-HISTORY – Interesting Historical Stories (Video/Audio/Text)

Phys-STORY – Meet Physicists and Cutting Edge Researchers (Video/Audio)

Phys-SNIPS – Interesting Facts and Anecdotes (Video/Audio/Text)

Phys-FUN – Just for Fun! Mix of quick and deceptively simple demos (Video)

Phys-QUIZplus – Brain Teasers (Video/Screencast/Text/Audio)


Aim: Provide a suite of activities and formative assessment opportunities supporting a diverse range of learning styles and build confidence.

Phys-QUIZ – Opportunity to assess your conceptual understanding of a concept or topic. Ideally used before and after you study a topic (Various)

Phys-PODS – Predict, Observe, Discuss and Share (Video/Screencast)

Phys-HOW2 – How-to-Do resources (Video/Screencast/Text/Audio)

Phys-FIRE – Showcasing or Reviewing / Fun Ideas, Resources and Equipment (Video/Screencast/Text)

Phys-DEMO – Enchanting Physics Demonstrations (Video)

Phys-SIMS – Simulations and Applets (Software/supporting Screencast)

Phys-LAB – Experiments and Investigations (Video)

Phys-SOLVE – Examination Style Problem Solving (Video/Screencast)

Phys-TUTE – Guided Exploration and Explanation (Video/Screencast)

Phys-VOCAB – Vocabulary based resources (Video/Screencast/Text/Audio)

Phys-VIRT – Virtual resources and Remote Laboratories (Online)


Aim: Encourage communication.

Phys-QandA – Instructor and Peer support for specific questions

Phys-SHARE – Discussions and Forums

Phys-TTIPS – Teacher Tips sound advice from Colleagues

Phys-LPLANS – Lesson Plan Ideas

Physics RELOAD Resource Suite

Scheme  developed by P.R. Fletcher and M. Parkes 2011 (revised 2014)