Creating a Unit Site

Creating a new site

Teaching sites for each unit are created by school staff, sometimes by support staff and other times by the Unit Coordinator. This needs to be done for each unit you teach, each trimester. Research, community or other sites can only be created by the UNEOnline team. The Get a site tool is used to create a new teaching site and to request other types of sites.

Step 1.On the Moodle Home page click on 'Get a Site' in the Site Management block

'Get a site block' and link

Step 2. Select the site type

Select the type of site required. Generally this will be a teaching site. If you want another type of site click on the Request a research or community site to send a request to the UNEOnline team.

Select the type of site required

Step 3. Enter unit details and select a template

Complete the form and then click the Create Site button.

Offerings are entered into Callista by October each year for units offered the following year. This means that the offerings cannot be added to any sites created prior to this for units offered in the following year. In this case the site can be created and you can work on adding material, but the offerings will need to be added later, before the site is released to students.

It is important to ensure that the School for the site to be located in and the template chosen are correct, as you will be unable to change these later. Not all Schools have templates in place - in this case the Generic UNE template is the best option to choose.

New site tool main page


Updating Callista offerings

Offering and unit codes can be updated after the site has been created.

Step 1. Go to the Moodle site and click the 'Edit offerings' link in the Course Management block

'Edit Offerings' link in the 'Site Management' block

Step 2.Update information

Unit codes can be updated. Offerings for any new unit code added will be displayed at the bottom. Click the Add button to connect them to this site.

Warning: There is no save button on this page. Changes will be saved as each field is updated.

Edit offerings form