Student and staff lists

There are four main places in Moodle sites that indicate staff and students enrolled in the site.


(Administration > Site Administration > Users > Enrolled users)

The enrolled users page

This report displays all students and staff who have been given access either through Callista (for students) or directly within the site (for staff). The Callista offering in which each student is enrolled is displayed in the Groups column. Students who have withdrawn are included in the report but the Groups column will be empty and the text in the enrolment methods will appear grey. The time since each used last accessed this site is displayed. Student profiles can be accessed by clicking on the users profile picture.

Users can be added, removed and roles updated. Note: Students are usually automatically added through the integration Callista.

Best for:

  • Identifying staff with access to the site and their 'role'
  • Giving access to other staff members or changing the access of existing staff
  • Identifying the level or mode the student is enrolled in (or use Advanced settings)
  • Identifying when users last accessed the site


(Navigation > Current site > Participants)

participants list

Displays a list of current students and staff with links to their profiles. It does not include students who have withdrawn. Each users "Last access" to this unit site is displayed, and can be sorted to display most recently active or inactive students. By using the check box in the Select column, students can be contacted from within the unit (ie as a reminder about accessing the unit). This site includes detailed information on Using the participants list.

Advanced settings

(Site Management > View Advanced settings)

The advanced settings page

Click the link indicating the number of students to view a listing for that cohort (if there are multiple offerings added to a unit they will appear separately). This report displays a list of currently enrolled students. Students will be shown here (as they enrol) before the site goes live. Includes students User ID (Student number)

Best for:

  • Identifying students that are enrolled before the unit is released to students
  • Identify students enrolled in each Callista offering


(Administration > Site administration > Grades)

grader report

Displays a list of all students and grades received. It can be set to display only current students or include those who have withdrawn. Student Number is included (User ID). Student email is not displayed here, but clicking on the student name opens the student profile and that has their email address.

Display completed and withdrawn students

By default this page does not include students that have completed or withdrawn. A setting is available that will display withdrawn students. Their names display greyed out and have a pause symbol at the end. Changes to this setting will apply on all assignment and grades pages. To set it either:

Via Grades preferences

  • Go to Grades (Administration > Site administration > Grades)
  • Select Preferences: Grader report from the drop down menu OR choose the Setup tab and then choose Preferences: Grader report. 
  • In the General section set Show only current enrolment to your preference

Or, via an assignment grade page

  • Go to any assignment (it doesn't matter which as the setting will apply to all assignments and grade pages for you only)
  • Click on View all submissions
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and check Show only current enrolments

Show only current enrolments setting

Best for:

  • Identifying if a student is enrolled or has withdrawn from the unit (Note - Callista is a better source for this information)

Other users report

(Administration > Site Administration > Users > Others users)

This report is of no use at UNE. It lists all users that have an inherited role, such as 'staff', 'Design and support' or 'Observer' for any site at UNE Moodle. Most users in the list will not have access to most sites, so this report has no practical value.