Activity Completion


This report is only available if Activity completion has been enabled for your unit site (Administration > Site administration > Edit Site Settings > Completion tracking > Enable completion tracking > Yes)


The Activity Completion report (Administration > Site administration > Reports > Activity Completion) displays a table containing all the resources and activities that are set to something other than 'Do not indicate activity completion'.

The completion settings are set on the settings page for each resource and activity. The default setting for most is 'Students can manually mark the activity as completed'. If this is not changed the report will only show items that have been manually marked as complete by the student and in this case it is of little use.

The report can be useful to check how students are progressing through activities that are set with conditional release.

The report is displayed in a table format or can be downloaded as a CSV file.

Placing the mouse pointer over each tick displays further details.

The activity report


Blue box with no tick   Students can manually mark items complete. Not yet marked as completed.

Blue box with tick   Students can manually mark items complete. Marked as completed.

Green box with no tick   Conditions must be met to show completion. Not yet completed.

Green box with tick   Conditions must be met to show completion. Completed.


Setting Activity Completion settings

The completion settings are set at the bottom of the settings page for each resource and activity. If you unlock and change this to 'Students must view this activity to complete it' then it will reset the status for students so the report will not indicate if a student has previously marked the item as complete or if the student has viewed the page.

Activity completion settings on an assignment page