Creating School information blocks

Information (HTML) can be created that appear on all pages of a certain type within a School Moodle sites.

Why create these blocks?

Different blocks can be created to go on different types of pages, so a general block could appear on all your Schools Moodle site main pages. This block can contain information and links about School polices that are relevant to all teaching sites within the School. Other blocks can be created to display on other pages types, for example on all the assignment pages that have common assignment information for the school. Advantages of creating these blocks as opposed to adding blocks within the individual sites are:

  • Just one block needs to be created, rather than one per site.
  • All unit sites will get the block, no matter when the site is created. It will display on those that have already been created and those that are created later.
  • If the block is modified, it will automatically show the new information in all sites.
  • Sites cannot have different blocks. This may be a problem for some areas that have different rules or requirements within their school.

What can the block contain?

Blocks can contain images, text, media and links to web pages.

Who can create and edit the blocks?

Staff with Design and Support roles across all sites for the School have sufficient access to do this. Generally, this should only be done by staff that have been nominated for your School. Contact your School Learning Design team if you want one of these blocks created.

Note: Staff with Admin roles cannot create these blocks as they will not be able to set the location for the block to appear across all pages.

Where should the blocks be created?

Blocks can be created to appear at the School level, but this should be generally avoided as the blocks will display on all School pages including any non teaching school sites. Blocks should usually be added to the teaching period category which limits the block to only those sites for that teaching period for that School.

What could the blocks be used for?

Common School or UNE information, for example, information about:


  • Assessment extensions
  • Penalties for late submission
  • Policy on hardcopy submissions
  • Referencing requirements
  • Presentation/style requirements
  • Policy on word lengths
  • Remarking assessments
  • Assessment preview
  • Moderation process
  • Casual markers
  • Feedback and turnaround time on assessment
  • Marking policies - Do you have any additional marking policies?


  • Attendance requirements to lectures etc. for On-Campus students
  • Special requirements for intensive schools
  • Standard School admin contact information
  • Study skills assistance

Design and Support staff: See this page in the LTOPs site for instructions.