Adobe Connect instructions

YouTube pod

The YouTube pod is now included in Adobe Connect meeting rooms at UNE.

This allows playback within an Adobe Connect meeting, either from a specific link to a video or a playlist URL. You can also create your own playlists within the meeting space. Videos can be accessed by students on a computer or tablet and the version we now have provides the ability to annotate on the video and enables playback during recordings.

The pod can be launched from within any meeting room (via the share pod). To add the pod to your meeting: Go to the share pod, select Share Document > Shared Content > YouTube Pod and click on OK.

Share Content - Adobe Connect  Add You Tube - Adobe Connect

 You're good to go!


Add a video to play by entering the URL or searching You Tube for the video you want:

ad video - - Adobe Connect

You can add videos to a playlist as you go, or simply click play to start viewing in your session.

While you are showing a video, you can interact on the screen using pointers (click the arrow icon at the top of the pod to enable the pointer):

 You Tube pointer - Adobe Connect

Or by typing or drawing on the screen (click the Draw button at the top of the screen to show the drawing toolbar – this will appear on the left hand side of the video):

 Drawing toolbar - Adobe Connect

The tools include redo and undo, as well as delete to remove all notations.