Exporting grades from Moodle Gradebook to Callista

Before You Start

It is essential that your Gradebook is configured correctly to prevent incorrect grades being uploaded to Callista and provided to students.

  1. All assessments for the unit (including any exams) must be included and the assessment weightings must be configured correctly
  2. The site total must be out of 100 as the final mark will be assumed by Callista to be a percent value and used to calculate the relevant grade code
  3. The setting 'aggregate only non-empty grades' should always be unticked (this configuration is visible in Gradebook ‘full view’)
  4. If in any doubt at all about your Gradebook configuration, please contact your School’s Learning Design and Support team or the ITD LMS helpline staff
  5. Should you require any assistance or clarification with data issues, student records in Callista, errors in uploading grades and the correct use of the various grade codes, please contact the Exams and Results Team via results@une.edu.au or phone ext 4401.
  6. Batch files may take up to 10 minutes to transfer once queued for upload to Callista.  Be sure to wait for this process to complete and check the results of your upload for errors and re-submit as required.

This results upload facility provides an additional level of flexibility in submission of your unit’s results to Callista.  The previously used method of uploading via a class-list spreadsheet will remain in place for those who opt not to use Gradebook.

All other processes, such as Board of Examiners verification and the Amended Grade process following release of results to students remain the same.