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Atomic Learning

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Did you know you can access a range of tutorial material on Atomic Learning? Students also have access and tailored course can be created and included in your units if there are programs you expect students to use in their studies. 


Echo360 Recording Offline

When the network is unavailable in larger lecture theatres with echo360 HD capture, lecturers will be unable to open and log into HD Link to start a capture. In this case lecturers will still be able to open Echo360 Personal Capture (provided in larger lecture theatres as a backup recording option) from the 'Start/All Programs' menu to start an offline capture. The login and publish functions will still be unavailable as they require network to access the servers, therefore staff will need to make sure the Personal Capture 'Auto publish' button is unchecked before recording (Image Below). When the network is available again, lecturers will be able to log into Personal Capture and publish their recorded lectures.    

Echo360 Offline

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Enabling word count in forums

Display word count is a useful setting if a forum is used for a specific activity. 

Simply change the default setting to Yes in the 'Attachments and word count' section for the Forum(s).

Note: the word count does not display until the message is posted in the forum.


Managing forum posts in one location

A link can be created that displays all posts from all forums with the last post appearing first in Moodle. This reduces the need to search through every forum individually. 

Click on the Search forums button in any forum to go to the Advanced Search page. Enter the first and last date of Trimester in the fields for 'Posts must be newer' and 'Posts must be older' respectively. Bookmark the resulting page to go back any time during the teaching period.

Marking workflow

When using marking workflow, setting the status to released allows students to view grades, feedback and/ or grademark reports - except if the grades eye for this task is closed in Gradebook. See the section on marking workflow for full details.


Searching Forum posts

Forum posts can be searched for keywords using the Search button on the top right of the screen in any forum.

Search forums

This search will look for the keywords in both the subject line and content of all forum posts in a unit. An advanced search is also available (press the search button without typing anything in the search box to access) which allows searches to be refined with exact phrases, dates, author as well as the option to search specific forums.

Student browser tests

If students are experiencing difficulties with Moodle, you could try directing them to the Recommended Minimum Specifications webpage. This page includes a browser test for students to check relevant settings. If this fails to solve the issue, students should contact 


YouTube pod for Adobe Connect

The YouTube pod is now included in Adobe Connect meeting rooms at UNE.

YouTube pod

See the YouTube pod for Adobe Connect page in this site for more information.