Viewing lecture recordings (ie using Echo360)

Video is often embedded within  units using a number of methods. Many of these play by clicking on a play button. Often the video can be downloaded for viewing when not online and usually the quality can be changed to suit your connection. 


Echo 360 Lecture Recordings

Lectures, if recorded, will usually be made available to student within 24 hours. UNE's lecture recording system is called Echo360 and recordings are accessed via the "Echo Centre". To access recordings for your unit, look for a link to lecture recordings in either the Unit Orientation or Unit Resources section of your unit.

Lecture recordings link

This will open the Echo360 EchoCenter, displaying a Playlist of all unit recordings available.



To view a recording

Select the recording from the Playlist on the left hand side. Click on the  Play  button to play the recording.



To download a recording

Select the recording from the Playlist on the left hand side. Click on the "Audio File" or "Video File" option next to the  Download  heading on the right to start the download. If you select "Audio File" only the audio of the recording will be downloaded as an .mp3 file. (This feature may not be available for all playlists).

Once you click on the relevant option, a countdown will appear. Depending on your browser and audio/video playback plugin, different browsers behave differently at this point.

The majority of browsers will automatically start the download after a few seconds and download the files to their usual downloads area.

Some will start to play the file. If that is the case, right-click in the progress bar while the file is playing and select "Save As" (or equivalent).

The most reliable option is to not wait for the countdown to finish, but instead right-click on the manual download link and select "Save Target As" (or the equivalent for your browser) to select a download location.

Moodle File Download


Subscribing to recordings (podcast)

To avoid the continuous manual process of downloading recordings, you can subscribe to the playlist as a Podcast (or "Vodcast") feed by accessing the feed links located at the very bottom of the EchoCentre page.

When you mouse over the grey RSS icon it becomes an orange icon with a fly-out menu containing Podcast and Vodcast options.

Note: This feature may not be available for all playlists.

Podcast Echo

On the subscription page, you will be able to select the application to receive the Podcast/Vodcast.

Podcasts in Echo 2

Alternatively, use the URL for the podcast or vodcast (listed further down on the page, or copy it from the address bar at the top) to enter the feed URL directly to your reader application.

Echo Podcast 4

Instructions on Echo360 RSS Feed Subscriptions (Apple Devices)

Instructions on Echo360 RSS Feed Subscriptions (Mac Computers)

Instructions on Echo360 RSS Feed Subscriptions (Android Devices)


Tab Selection

To use the Tab options: select a specific Echo recording from the Course Echo Recordings list, then select one of the tabs to get further details about the recording.  Please note that Discussions are not available in the EchoCenter.

Echo tabs

Information Tab

The Information tab is shown and from this tab you can:

    • See the date of the recording
    • See the Presenter(s)
    • See the type of recording (usually "Lecture")
    • See the duration or length
    • Download Podcast or Vodcast versions
    • Read a description (if the lecturer has included one)

Info Screen Echo


Course Bookmarks Tab

While the recording is playing, you can bookmark important points and annotate their bookmark.  You can then go back at a later time to that point in the recording by clicking on the bookmark link.

The Course Bookmarks tab is shown and from this tab you can:

    • See the course notes (bookmarks) you have added to the recording in the Echo Centre.
    • Open the recording at the bookmarked scene. Click on the course note (bookmark).

The date below the bookmark is the date you added the bookmark to the Echo. It is not the date of the class. 

Echo Bookmarks


Echo on iPads

Viewing recordings is also available on portable devices (iPads etc), but some additional features (such as the bookmarking) are not available. You will also only be able to see the recording of the main recorded screen, not any additional views (such as the webcam view of the presenter).

Below is how the EchoCentre will display on an iPad.

Ipad view


Below is how a recording will display when playing on an iPad.


Other audio and video files available in Moodle.

Single player option / No download.

This player will display either a video or audio file for online viewing. It is often used for standalone videos such as welcome videos or recordings of events.

Single player

Single player option / Download

This player allows the video to be downloaded (Note: the download icon will appear in the top right of the screen).

Player - download


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