Academic Integrity Restriction

The Academic Integrity restriction is a moodle plugin developed for UNE that can be used to restrict access to assignments, other activities and resources based on completion of the Academic Integrity Module. When enabled students who have not completed the AIM will not have access to items that have the restriction enabled.

The first part of the tool is now available now. An additional part is expected to be released during Trimester 1, 2017, which will automatically add the restriction to all new and imported assignments. In the interim, TaLS is manually adding the restriction to all assignments prior to the teaching period, so Schools do not have to monitor or action the application of the restriction to assignments, except in cases where assignments are added to the Moodle site after the teaching period commences.

Available now

For students who have not completed the AIM, restriction details will display below the activity on the unit page with a link to the AIM (see below). Staff will see the restriction notice (for information purposes), but will retain access to the activity.

AIM restriction notice

The restriction details will not appear for students who have completed the AIM and access to the assignment will be as normal.


Adding the Academic Integrity restriction

Assignments will have the Academic Integrity restriction added automatically.

The Academic Integrity restriction can be added to additional activities/ resources as outlined below.

1. Go to the Settings for the activity/ resource

2. Click on the Add restriction button in the activity/ resource settings.

restrict access

3. Choose the Academic Integrity button in the listing:

 Academic Integrity restriction

Coming in Trimester 1, 2017

The restriction will automatically be enabled for all new assignments and those imported from previous teaching periods. If the restriction is required for activities/ resources other than assignments, it will need to be manually added. If the restriction is not required for a particular assignment, it will need to be manually turned off (go to Settings for the activity/ resource and remove the restriction).

Further information

For further information on restricting access for students see the Restrict Access guide in Teaching Online.


Last modified: Monday, 22 May 2017, 10:44 AM