What's changed - a new interface for Turnitin and Grademark

UNE has changed over to a new Turnitin and GradeMark interface called Feedback Studio.

Feedback Studio

Feedback Studio navigation is not at the top of the page (as it is in the current view). All navigation tools are now positioned to the right hand side of your submitted assignment.

Navigation starts with the Layers button:

Feedback Studio layers


Clicking this allows you to choose the elements you want to display on your submission. In the example below, only Grademark is visible to students. If the Similarity report was available, this would be listed in red with a check box. If both sections are available for your assignment, it is possible to display both at once. 

 Feedback Studio layers view


To see your Grade and feedback on your assignment, use the blue coloured navigation tool(s) (labelled ‘2’ below). Instructor feedback will appear at the top of the pane, while text comments will appear below. These tools are located at the bottom of the page in the Classic view.

For Similarity scores (if available), use the red tool set (labelled ‘3’ below).

To download your paper for your records or to see Submission information, use the section labelled ‘4’. 

Instructor feedback

Last modified: Monday, 26 June 2017, 12:22 PM