Moodle Badges

What are badges?

Moodle Badges may be awarded to recognise achievement of specific criteria in units and other sites across UNE, for example students who successfully complete the Academic Integrity Module will receive the AIM badge. 

Badges display on your Moodle profile.

A badge displaying on a profile page

Managing the display of you badges

Badges can be managed through the Badge management link in the Preferences option of the drop down menu at the top right of Moodle when you are logged in:

Profile menu

There is a section in this menu for Badges:

Badge preferences

Click on Manage badges, to display a page showing the badges that you have earned.

Within this page, you can individually download badges to display them outside UNE. You can also control the display of each by clicking on the eye button underneath each one.

This page also contains links to connect to a backpack to share badges outside the UNE Moodle environment.

My badges

To manage visibility for all badges, go to the Badge preferences option, which will allow you to display or hide all badges. This setting defaults to show all badges on your profile page. If you uncheck this setting, no badges will display on your profile. This is not recommended as you may be required to demonstrate completion of certain activities, for example the Academic Integrity Module or a Lab Safety exercise. It is preferable to manage badges individually through the Manage badges option described above.

Last modified: Monday, 6 January 2020, 10:04 AM