The Recycle Bin

Moodle has a recycle bin, which will be appreciated by anyone who has mistakenly deleted a resource or activity in Moodle. There is a limitation. If you delete a Moodle activity which has student data (forum posts, assignment submissions etc), the activity can only be restored without any of the original student contributions. 

Deleting an Activity or Resource

Deleting an activity or resource in Moodle is achieved by clicking on the Edit menu and choosing 'Delete'.

Delete activity or resource

A pop up message appears, asking if you are Yes to proceed:

Delete alert 

Recycle Bin

Deleted files are now sent to the Recycle bin. This is located in the Administration block:

Recycle bin location

Once in the bin, the items can be restored to your site (but only for a period of 21 days):

Recycle bin


Last modified: Thursday, 5 September 2019, 12:52 PM