Cloud based services - Dropbox and Google Drive

Dropbox is a cloud-based file hosting service, which enables you to access files from any of your devices. There are a range of apps available for apps computersphones, and tablets. See the Dropbox tour or visit their site at:  

Google Drive is another optional cloud based service that you can use. It also offers a range of apps to suit different devices: See the Get Drive anywhere page online. More information on Google Drive is available from their site at:

Files can be uploaded from your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts when submitting assignments or to other places in Moodle where a file upload option exists. If you use a Moodle app, these services are ideal for uploading assignments and other files. When uploading files in Moodle, select Dropbox or Google Drive in the file picker (see image below) when choosing files. On the first occasion that you do this you will need to enter your login details for the service chosen.

Be aware that linking your Google Drive or Dropbox account with Moodle you are allowing UNE Moodle access to that account.

View of the Dropbox link in the file picker

Both of these services have free and paid options. Dropbox accounts are free and include 2GB of storage space. Google Drive includes 15GB of storage space. Subscriptions are available which include higher levels of storage as well as additional features.

Last modified: Thursday, 5 September 2019, 8:55 AM