Additional forum features

Forums have some additional features in Moodle 3.1:

Navigation links

Within a forum discussion, navigation links will appear to move to the next or previous discussion topic. These will appear above and below the posts and replies in the current discussion thread: 

Forum discussion display

Discussion thread subscription

There is also a new option to subscribe to a discussion thread (rather than subscribing to the entire forum) - the link to subscribe displays within a discussion topic (see top right of image above). If you subscribe, this link will change to Subscribed to receive email. If you want to unsubscribe, click this link.

When viewing the list of discussions in a forum, discussion subscriptions will be indicated on the right of the screen by an envelope image (subscribed) or a small dot (unsubscribed). You can manage subscriptions from this page as well by clicking on the subscription you want to change. 

Discussion subscriptions

Pin discussions

Discussions that you want to keep track of or highlight as important can be 'pinned' (click the Pin button as shown in image above). This will move the discussion topic to the top of the listing within a forum (note the discussion below, with a 'pin' image next to it). This is a setting for teaching staff and applies to all participants in the site. Students are not able to 'pin' discussions.

Pinned discussion posts

Split discussions

It is now possible to split a discussion by moving a reply in a discussion thread. To do this, click on the Split option in the choices below the post that you want to move:

split discussion

Give the discussion a new name and click the Split button:

Split discussion settings

The reply will be given the new title and be moved to the listing of discussion topics. This is another feature which is only available for teaching staff. 

Last modified: Monday, 16 January 2017, 11:42 AM