Moodle 3.3 upgrade changes

At the beginning of Trimester 1, UNE will upgrade Moodle to version 3.3. There are minimal changes for students - these are outlined below, with links to more information.

  • The Grades link will move to the Navigation block. Students will no longer see the Administration block in unit sites. Students can also access Grades via the Grades Overview link in their profile page. This link provides an overview of all grades, from which you can go into unit grade pages as well as individual assignment pages.
  • Notifications will be able to be accessed from the top menu bar in your sites. See the page on notifications for more information.
  • Messaging will be available within Moodle. The messages icon will be located next to notifications in the top menu bar. See the messaging page for more information on this feature. 

All students are reminded to review their Moodle profiles to manage the information available to others in Moodle. This is explained on the Update your profile page.

We have developed short tours for both staff and students, which will indicate the new features the first time you access Moodle following the upgrade. We also have a tour for students to assist with assignment submission; this will step you through the process of online submission. 

Last modified: Thursday, 16 August 2018, 3:50 PM