Tips for working through an AIM scenario

You ideally need to be on a dedicated, reliable connection to attempt these scenarios as the content is live, or streaming (same applies to attempting quizzes). Mobile broadband connections may not be reliable if you are connected to a busy tower in a heavily populated area.

Attempt a Scenario

1. In the Academic Integrity Module site, click the name of one of the scenarios, Brenda or Damo:

AIM Front Page; Select a scenario to do


2. Click    Enter   Enter button to start the player, and   Start the journey  Stert button  to begin the introduction


3. Play through until you get to the choice of three paths or storylines. This is the  HOME  screen in the scenario:

Three storylines; choose one to do


4. Ignore the ‘Back to Introduction” button at the bottom-left and choose one of the three options. Work to the end of the storyline until you reach the    Finish and Return HOME    button:

finished first storylines, now return to HOME and choose another

5. The storyline you’ve just completed will have a tick on it. Now you choose another storyline:

Storyline complete, return HOME and choose another

6. When you have completed those three storylines and clicked on    Finish and Return HOME    at the end of each of the three, you will be presented with a fourth storyline selection in the centre screen. This is the last storyline:

finished three storylines, now do number 4

7. Work through the last storyline and at the end you will see the following final screen. You have not completed the scenario until you see this screen. You can click the blue button to close the activity:

AIM is all done :)

8. You will have now a score of 1.00 recorded in the AIM site Gradebook, meaning you have passed (a score of 0.00 meand you started but did not complete the scenario). You will have your AIM Badge, visible in the Latest Badges block at the top left of the AIM site (like the picture below), and on your Moodle profile page. Then you can access the restricted assessment activities in your teaching sites:

Your badge displays in the Latest Badges block after you have earned it   < as seen in Latest Badges block  Your badge displays on your Moodle Full Profile page after you have earned it  < as seen on Moodle Full Profile Page


This message will come up if your internet connection is disrupted for some reason. If you are using a Mobile Broadband USB dongle it likely will have lost connection to your nearest Mobile 3G/4G/4GX tower:

Oops, Your Interwebs is Disconnected!

This is not uncommon with Mobile broadband connections in heavily populated areas as each tower is only able to handle a fixed number of concurrent connections.

When you are on an NBN or ADSL this message is far less likely to occur because those types of connections are dedicated and so more reliable for playing live (streaming) content in a browser, like these scenarios. You may see this message on dedicated connections if, for example, your ISP experiences downtime, or your modem or router fails.


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