UNE has engaged Studiosity, an online academic support service to complement the services available to students through the Academic Skills Office, First Year Advisors and college and school based peer support. Studiosity is a third party provider specialising in providing online academic support for students. 

Studiosity is free for all UNE students. Students can use Studiosity services up to 10 times per trimester.

Studiosity allows students to access academic assistance after hours, in the form of both live chat and online. Two types of service are offered:

The 'Writing Feedback' service

"Here's my file, I'll check back later." This service offers constructive writing feedback in less than 24 hours.

Feedback shows you where you might focus attention and add more thought. Whether for future accountants, nurses, or aeronautical engineers, English language skills are critical to success and part of the integrity of a university qualification.

The 'Connect Live' service

"I need help right now!" This service offers one-to-one, personal help in real time. Ask your own question, then work with one of the Subject Specialists in the interactive classroom - with text chat, collaborative whiteboard, and file sharing. See the list of subject areas covered.

Accessing Studiosity

There are three ways to connect to Studiosity.

1. Click on the link

If there is a link in your unit site, simply click on it.

YourTutor block


2. From the Support page

Click on the Support button at the top of any Moodle the page 

Expand the Academic Support section and click Studiosity.

3. Click on the button at the top of this page

Connecting and Privacy

Once you click into Studiosity, you will see the following landing page:

Studiosity landing page

Students are automatically logged in when accessing Studiosity through Moodle. Please note: You will not be able to access this service through Studiosity directly as the site will not accept your UNE login details.

To proceed, you will need to agree to the Studiosity privacy and Cookie Policy and Acceptable Use Policy, before the 'Go to my account' button will become available. A pop up will appear at the bottom of the screen if you have questions or need access to help.


Once you enter the site, you will have the option to Ask a question or Submit your document. Below is a list of Reviewed documents which will show any work you have previously submitted.

Studiosity options


Further information

Further info is available on the Studiosity How it works page.

The tutors provide generic (nondiscipline specific) advice on academic writing for essays and reports, research, referencing and study skills. Discipline specific support is offered at tertiary bridging level (e.g., Year 12 level) in Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Business studies. Foundational support is also offered for Accounting, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Statistics.

Last modified: Wednesday, 9 December 2020, 1:50 PM