Echo360 Active Learning Platform Personal Capture Download and Install Instructions

If you are working on a UNE owned Windows computer on campus:

The new software should already have been installed on your computer. 

If you are unable to to find the echo360 recording software on your computer, you can either download a copy from SoftwareCentre, or follow the instructions below.   

If you are on a Mac or need to upgrade / install the echo360 recording software on your home computer:

Log into (using the Login by Institution option, select University of New England) and use your UNE username and password to authenticate.

    1. Click on the Settings Cog in the top right hand corner
    2. Select Downloads from the drop down menu
    3. Select the application you need ie Mac Download or Windows Download
    4. Click on Downloads and follow the instructions to install

Echo PCap

Two short videos have been developed to help you with the login and download processes.

Last modified: Monday, 25 March 2019, 11:48 AM