What is Echo360?

Echo360 is a simple presentation capture tool that enables you to create video presentations for your students. You will find Echo360 recording equipment installed in over 70 teaching spaces across campus.

  • In larger lecture theatres, you will find a simple desktop link that allows you to manually control a capture appliance, enabling you to record your lectures.
  • In smaller lecture theatres, you will find a simple Echo360 software application called Personal Capture. Personal Capture allows you to manually record audio, screen capture, and a webcam, then publish your recordings for student viewing.
  • You can also download the Echo360 Personal Capture software to your desktop or laptop for capturing presentations outside the lecture theatre.

Your recorded presentations are automatically processed and made available to students via the Active Learning Platform link located in either the Unit Orientation or Unit Resources section of your unit

It's important to know that recordings are stored for a maximum of 3 years. Files must be downloaded locally for long term storage.  

Last modified: Thursday, 12 October 2017, 4:22 PM