Messaging in Moodle

The messaging function allows communication within the LMS and enhances the use of the mobile app aligning with common functionality employed by a range of social media platforms.

Please note: We recommend advising students which communication methods you prefer, especially if you are not planning to check messages on a regular basis.

Message Alerts

Messages can be accessed from the envelope icon in the top menu bar in Moodle:

Messaging icon

A number will appear near the corner of the envelope to indicate how many unread messages you have. 

Clicking on the envelope will open the messages list giving you an overview of your messages. It also displays options to send a new message, mark messages as read or access message preferences.



Message preferences allows users to set the option to 'prevent non-contacts from messaging'. If this is checked only those people that are in your Moodle messaging contacts can send you a message.

You can prevent or elect to have email copies of messages sent to you by setting the Online and Offline options on or off.

message preferences

Sending a message

There are a couple of ways to locate a contact.

Search for a person or a contact

To open the messages frame, click on a message in the drop down list (shown above). Within the messages frame, contacts can be added/ blocked by using the search feature to find a specific Moodle user. Click on the user you want to add as a contact, then click on their name in the right hand frame. 

Profile contact

Select Add contact. You can also Block contacts from this page, or send a message.

add contact

From a profile page

You can also send messages and add contacts from a users Profile page. Profile pages can be accessed from different places in Moodle including Participants lists or Forum posts.

Profile page

Compose and send

To send messages, simply type the message in the editing box at the bottom of the messages frame and click Send.

Messages pane

Bulk messages

Teaching staff are also able to send messages to groups of students through the participants list (Note: students do not have access to this feature). This provides staff with an option to quickly contact a group of students from within the unit site in Moodle. Currently this feature only has an option to send an email to students, but there is no record of the communication in Moodle. Using messaging means a copy of the messages is retained in Moodle, improving record keeping. See the page on Staff and Student lists in the Reports book. 

Last modified: Tuesday, 19 February 2019, 12:53 PM