What's new in T1 2019

Moodle upgrade

The annual upgrade of our Moodle will go ahead between 7:00pm Friday 15 February and 5:00pm Saturday 16 February 2019. It has been timed to occur one week before T1 2019 units go live. During this time moodle will be offline while the changes are applied.

The new version has minimal changes but does include important bug fixes. 



The Site Summary block on the Dashboard now supports favourites. Use it to be able to quickly access the sites you currently use most. Simply click on the star icon next to sites to add and remove them from your favourites.

Sites page showing a star next to a site

If the Site summary block does not appear on your Dashboard, you can add it by clicking the Customise this page button Selecting Add a block and choosing Site Summary.


Enrolled Users and Participants pages have been merged

A link to the Enrolled users page remains, but it now goes to the Participants page. This page now has features previously found on the Enrolled users page, including the ability to filter, enrol users, update user roles and groups.

The updated participants page


A new badge report (coming soon)

A new badge report has been developed for UNE that allows you to check what students have received selected badges, for example the Academic Integrity badge and Lab Safety badges.

Badge report link in the Administration block Badge report page


Zoom replaces Adobe Connect

A pilot of Zoom, our new online meeting tool ran during Trimester 3 in preparation for a full roll out in T1. From the start of T1 Zoom will replace Adobe Connect. Zoom is now available in all Trimester 1 units.

Setting up Zoom meetings in Moodle is similar to Adobe Connect, but it’s important to create a Zoom account to host meetings and a Cloudstor account to store recorded meetings before you being creating meetings. This is a simple task that only needs to be done once. 

Details are available in our Zoom info book.

Zoom integrates with Moodle, however there are a couple of differences. It’s important that the person that will be hosting the meeting creates the meeting so they are given host role when they join the meeting. Also links to recordings will not automatically display in Moodle so there will be an additional step to add the link to the recording for students.

ITD will be running a number of training sessions for Zoom. Watch out for training emails from ITD.

Adobe Connect will be phased out. Meetings can no longer be created in Moodle. Existing recordings will remain available for students with special extensions during T1. The system be archived later this year.


Ally pilot

UNE is preparing to pilot a new tool called Ally. Ally allows students to download versions of resource documents in alternative formats directly from Moodle. For example audio, ePub and Electronic braille versions are available for files that have been uploaded in pdf and word formats.

Ally download icon next to a file A moodle page showing the download options

Ally also checks PDF files, documents and images uploaded in Moodle against WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards. Scores display next to each resource file in Moodle and display to unit staff. Clicking the guage icon displays information Ally has found about the file and provides guidance and tips to help you improve the accessibility of your content.

A page showing the showing Ally guages

This tool has the potential to improve conversion of content into alternate formats to meet student needs as well as alternate formats for all our students. More information about Ally is available on our info page and at directly from Ally. If final testing is successful, we aim to pilot Ally in a selected number of units in our Moodle in T1 2019.

Last modified: Monday, 8 April 2019, 8:38 AM