Publish Media from echo360 library to unit

All media which you have uploaded to echo360 can be published (copied) to your units. This is the process of finding videos (both old and new) which you have uploaded to echo360, then making them available to students through the echo360 playlist displayed in your moodle page.


NOTE: When you select your echo360 unit profile, when uploading videos from a teaching space, or from the Personal Capture recording software, the publish process occurs automatically for the selected profile, making captures available to students.

Publishing Content:

  1. Start by logging into
  2. Click on the My Content tab to the left hand side of the loaded page.
  3. Navigate to the media you want to Publish, hover over the media thumbnail, then click the ellipses icon.
  4. Select Share from the ellipses menu

The video share page is loaded. This is the location where you can share your media to a Class (make available in a unit), to an individual via email, or create public links and embed codes for displaying your media in various locations online. In this help guide we will share media to a Class (make available in a unit). To do this;

  1. Select the Class tab at the top of the share page.
  2. Choose a Course from the Course menu (letters in unit code).
  3. Choose a Term from the Term menu (Trimester and Year).  
  4. Choose a Section from the Section menu (Year/Trimester/Unit Code).
  5. Select New Class to add a new recording to your unit. Or select Existing Class to replace an existing recording in your unit. In this help guide we are going to select a New Class.
  6. Enter a meaningful title into the Class Name field. Note: You can set availability, start date, and a description, however leaving these settings as default is fine.
  7. Finalise the share by selecting the blue Share button at the bottom of the window.    


Last modified: Tuesday, 30 April 2019, 2:31 PM