Edit videos in echo360

  1. Start by logging into echo360.org.au.
  2. Click on the My Content tab to the left hand side of the loaded page.
  3. Navigate to the media You Want to editthen hover your mouse over the media thumbnail. An ellipsis will appear. Click the ellipsis to display the actions drop-down menu.  
  4. Select Edit Media from the drop-down menu.

The media editor will be loaded.

  1. The blue line below the video thumbnail is the video timeline. You will use the video timeline to edit your media.
  2. The small black line with downward pointing triangle is the video play-head. The video play-head indicates where you are in the video. 
  3. Use the play, fast-forward, and rewind buttons to help navigate through your video. Alternatively you can simply click the blue timeline to jump to a section in your video.

Top and Tail Editing:  

Use the Top and Tail edit tools at either end of the video timeline to cut the beginning and end off your video. To do this simply click the top or tail tool, then drag left or right to remove the beginning and end of your video.

Note: Grey media on the timeline indicates video that will be removed. 

Cut section from the middle of your video:

  1. Use the play-head (black line with downward pointing triangle) to mark the start of the section of video you would like to remove. Click the blue Make Cut button, to cut your video at this point.
  2. Move the play head (black line with downward pointing triangle) to mark the end of the section of video you would like to remove. Click the blue Make Cut button, to make a second cut your video.

Click the section of media between the two cuts, it will turn light blue. Then select the Delete button. The section of media will turn grey indicating it has been removed. 

You can preview your edits by moving the play head to the start of your desired preview section, then clicking the play button.  

When you are happy with your edits either:

  1. Click the Save button. This will over right your original video with the edited version. This will result in your video being updated in all displayed locations.
  2.  Click the Save as button. This will save a new capture, preserving the original recording in its unedited format.

Click the Restore button to remove all edits applied to your video. 

Last modified: Tuesday, 26 March 2019, 2:43 PM