Get a LinkedIn Learning account

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning (formally is a website offering video courses taught by industry experts in software, creative, and business skills. It is a subsidiary of LinkedIn. LinkedIn Learning is being trialled at UNE for 12 months. The trial will end mid 2020. LinkedIn Learning will be used to supplement content in a number of unit sites during 2019 T3 and 2020 T1.

During the trial staff and students have full access to all LinkedIn Learning videos and courses to develop your own skills. At the end of the trail users will be surveyed.


What's the difference between LinkedIn and LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning began as It is now a subsidiary of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional data and network. Microsoft is the parent company of LinkedIn.

A LinkedIn account is not required to use LinkedIn Learning. A LinkedIn Learning account is automatically created when you use LinkedIn Learning through UNE.

It's important to understand the differences as you may be prompted to link accounts. Doing so allows you to display LinkedIn Learning courses that you complete on your LinkedIn profile and ask questions within courses. However, you are not required to create a LinkedIn account or link accounts.


Linking and unlinking accounts

During account creation you will be prompted to join LinkedIn or link your existing LinkedIn account. This is an optional step. You will have full access to courses and content without linking accounts.

If you continue without LinkedIn you will be prompted again before you can continue. The benefits of linking accounts are:

  • Linking your accounts allows your data to be used to personalise your experience across LinkedIn.
  • Your LinkedIn profile may be used to provide course recommendations.
  • If you no longer have a LinkedIn Learning subscription, but have retained your LinkedIn account, your learning activity is kept.
  • You get access to Q&A and other social features


Get an account

There are two ways you can get an account. If you access a link to a LinkedIn Learning resource in Moodle you will be prompted to login. After following the steps below an account will automatically be created. 

If you want to browse content or just use complete courses for your own benefit, you can create a LinkedIn Learning account now. 

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Click Sign in

Sign In button on the LinkedIn Learning page

Step 3. Enter your UNE email

Email box

Step 4. Select Sign in with Single Sign-on

Select Single Signon

Step 5If prompted enter your UNE username and password

Step 6. If have a LinkedIn account and are already logged in to LinkedIn on your computer (or have logged into your LinkedIn account recently), you will be asked for your LinkedIn password (this may be different from your UNE password).

LiL link

If you don't currently have a LinkedIn account (or you have not previously logged in to LinkedIn on your computer), you will be prompted to set one up and consider connecting your LinkedIn account. Remember, this is not required - you can "Continue without LinkedIn".

Offer to connect accounts

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