Features and improvements in Moodle 3.9 (February 2021)

As is the case with many upgrades many of the improvements are for teaching staff and bug fixes. In this version there are also a few more visible improvements.

Dashboard improvements

There have been many improvements to the Dashboard. Changes to the Site overview block

  • 12, 24 , 48 or all your sites can be set to display on the page instead of just 6 at a time.
  • New List and Summary views as alternatives as the default Card view.
  • An option to sort by all, current, future, in progress, starred or hidden sites
  • An option to display sites by last accessed or by title
  • Option to hide sites
  • Option to star/unstar sites

The 'Site overview' block on the Dashboard

A new Recently accessed sites block displays the sites you have most recently accessed. 

The recently accessed sites block

The Timeline block replaces the Timeline tab in Site overview block and provides an overview of upcoming deadlines. A new Starred sites can be added to display the sites which you have 'starred'.

Forum improvements

Star discussions

Everyone can mark a thread as 'starred'. This is an individual setting and will move the discussion to the top of the discussion list, under any pinned discussions just for you.

Posts can be "pinned" to the top, forum posts sorted and an option to reply privately to forum posts (instead of to the whole forum) has been added.

A thread that has been 'starred' and the menu showing star in the list

Images now display in emails

Images have not been displaying in emails from forums. Now they do.

Private replies

Teaching staff can reply to you privately to a forum message. The reply is not visible to other students.

Inline response

Similar to when starting a new discussion, the reply box now appears inline, allowing you to quickly respond. If a more detailed reply is needed, for example, needing the editing toolbar or attachment box, clicking Advanced will display the full editor

Sort discussions

Discussions can be sorted by replies, last post or created, by clicking the linked words at the top of the discussion list.

Messaging improvements

New improvements include:

  • Control who can message you
  • New messaging interface
  • Group messaging
  • Starring
  • Better contact management

The messaging pane

Coming for T1: Mobile app improvements

There have been a number of improvements to the Moodle mobile app

  • View H5P content even when offline
  • MathJax support
  • Comments
  • Forum: Update/delete posts
  • Calendar: events now can be filtered by type
  • Search participants
  • Offline working alert
  • Minimum version required
  • Dark mode

Last modified: Thursday, 21 January 2021, 10:55 AM