Moodle Header and Footer


This header menu displays above all Moodle pages. This section provides a means of quick navigation to various locations in Moodle.

Header menu image

Nav drawer  Displays the navigation drawer, on the left and directly under the hamburger menu . Click the hamburger menu to hide/show drawer contents.

UNE Moodle+ Links  to your Moodle Dashboard.

Support Links to the UNE moodle support pages.

Magnifying glass Clicking the magnifying glass displays the site search field (as shown in image above). Searches can be made on unit name or unit code.

Notification menu Summary of forum posts and other notifications.

Your name Click to access your profile menu.


This Footer menu displays at the bottom of all Moodle pages.

Moodle footer containing Acknowlegement to country and support link images

This section contains:

Acknowledgement of Country section with a link to the Oorala Aboriginal Centre.

Support section containg mutiple support links.

UNE time displays current Armidale day and time.

Copyright disclaimer with link to Disclaimer of liability and Privacy information.

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