Submitting assignments online


Submission deadline

Most assignments must be submitted by 23.59 (1 minute before midnight) UNE local time on the day they are due. You must take into account time zone differences to avoid penalties for late submission. You can check what the current time at UNE is using the UNE time block on the side of all Moodle pages.


Assignment title pages

Assignments submitted in Moodle online do not always require assignment title pages. However, it is good practice to include this as your first page. 

If you are required to submit a hardcopy assignment, you must include a title page with your name, student number, unit code and assessment title. Further information on submitting in hardcopy is available from the Submitting hardcopy assignments page. 


Number of files, maximum file size and file type

Moodle allows you to upload multiple files. Generally you should try to contain your work to a single file (see information on combining files in this site), but there will be times and certain types of assignments where you need to upload multiple files. 

Most assignments are submitted in DOCX (Word) format, although other formats are sometimes allowed or required. Some assignments, for example, will require you to submit a PDF document. See Converting file to PDF for information about converting files.

To see how many files can be uploaded, the total allowed file size and allowable types, click the Add submission button. This is OK even if you are not ready to upload your submission. The maximum number of attachments is not an indication of how many files are required. Always check the assignment details provided by your teaching staff for guidelines. 

submission screen

If your file is too large, try reducing the size of any of the graphics that are in the file. See troubleshooting for details.


Give files an appropriate name

You should give your file a meaningful name: Include your name, unit code and assignment number. For example: John Smith ABC101 Assignment 1


Submitting an assignment

There are several steps to submit an assignment. You must complete them all or the submission may remain in 'draft' mode. During this time it is not considered submitted even though the draft status and the files are viewable by your Unit Coordinator.

Step 1. On the assignment page click the 'Add submission' button

Upload files button

Step 2. Add files or text and click the 'Save changes' button 

Uploading files

Most browsers (e.g. Firefox and Google Chrome) support dragging and dropping files onto the file area of the assignment page. If your browser does, you can drag the file by selecting and dragging it to the file area on the assignment page.

Alternatively, you can click the Add file button button to open the file browser dialog box.


When you are done click the Save changes button.

Add files and then save changes


Entering text directly on the assignment page

Some assignments may allow text and images to be added directly into an editor window of the Moodle page. This may be in addition to or instead of the option to upload a file. This is generally used where only a short amount of text or links is required to be submitted. Use the editor within the Moodle page to add text, images and links. See the Moodle Text editor docs for more information.



Final check before sending for marking

Before you send your files for marking check that:

    • You have included your name, assignment number, unit code in your assignment
    • The final file is readable and formatted correctly - this is especially important if you have converted your file to PDF
    • Your file has an appropriate name
    • All files have been uploaded.


Step 3. Send your files for marking

The final step is to submit the file for marking. This alerts the marker that you have completed and ready for it to be marked. During this step you will also be required to agree to a submission statement.

Click 'Submit assignment'

Click the submit assignment button near the bottom of the main assignment page


Agree to the declaration and click 'continue'

You will be asked to agree to a submission statement. Read the statement and if you agree place a tick in the checkbox at the top of the page and press the continue button at the bottom of the page.

You will be returned to the assignment main page and the submission status will be changed to Submitted for grading. A confirmation email will be sent to your UNE email address.


Removing and renaming uploaded files

If you need to remove or rename a file that you have uploaded you can do this by clicking on the Edit my submission button and then clicking on the icon for the file. A window that opens has a Delete button at the top. The file name can be edited but do not remove the file extension (e.g. .pdf or .doc) as this can make the file difficult to open and may delay marking.

File rename and delete button

Note: You can only remove or rename files before they have been submitted for marking. If they have been submitted you will need to contact your Unit Coordinator to arrange for the submission to be reset. Once this has been done you can then delete the file.


What do I do if I need to resubmit the assignment?

Take care when submitting assignments. Many teaching staff begin marking assignments shortly after they are submitted. If you have submitted the wrong file or submitted to the wrong unit, contact your Unit Coordinator for that unit and they will arrange to have the assignment reset to 'draft ' mode so you can remove the file and replace it with a new one.

Assignments submitted in Moodle do not require assignment cover sheets. Some assignments are printed before marking. If this is the case for your unit a coversheet will automatically be generated and attached as a part of the printing process.

If you have been asked to resubmit a file, the submission will normally be reset for you. This will allow you to remove the previous uploaded file and add a new file.

When you have uploaded your new file and are ready to submit it you must press the Submit assignment button, accept the submission statement and confirm that the submission is to be submitted for marking. The assignment submission date will be updated to the new date.

Last modified: Wednesday, 8 January 2020, 9:52 AM