Submitting hardcopy

Hardcopy submission

Warning Warning: Assignments should only be submitted in hardcopy if this is the method of submission for the assignment, you are given this as an option in your unit materials, or you have received an exemption from the requirement to have computer access through Student Assist.


All assignments that are submitted in hard copy must have a title page attached. This should include your name and student number, the unit code and the assignment title. Check your assessment task for specific instructions from your unit coordinator as these may vary.

Check your unit materials to see where to post hard copy assignments. In some units you may be requested to post assignments directly to the Unit Coordinator or an alternative address within the School. Please check with your unit coordinator if you are unsure. 

Final check before posting

Before you post your hardcopy assignment, check that:

  • You have included a title page with your name, student number, the unit code and the assignment title.
  • Your name, assignment number and the unit code is on each page of the assignment (ie in a footer on the document)
  • Your name and return address is included on the envelope.
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