Viewing marks and feedback

WarningPlease be aware that marks for assessment tasks displayed through the Moodle site are provided as a guide to your progress in the unit. These are not your official grades for the unit.

Official results, which may vary from those displayed on the Moodle site, are only available following their consideration and approval at the relevant School Examination Board, and ratified by Examinations and Results, Student Administration and Services Directorate at the end of each teaching period.


Viewing the status and grades

There are several ways you can see if your assignment has been graded. 

Moodle My home

Your grade and feedback for assignments is usually available in Moodle. Selecting the assignment icon on the  Moodle Dashboard will indicate if your assignment has been graded.

Assignment status on My Home


Assignment or activity page

If a grade or feedback has been provided, you can view this on the assignment or activity page. Simply return to the page where the task was submitted and scroll to the bottom. If feedback files are uploaded or it has been marked using GradeMark, these can be accessed here as well. 

feedback and files


Grades page

The Grades page is available from the Administration side block on the unit's main page. This will provide an overview of all your grades in the site. Click on Site Administration to display the Grades link.

View of the Grades link in the Administration block


The Grades and Feedback columns display any grade or feedback provided. Click on the activity name to go to the activity.

User report



GradeMark is an online marking system built into Turnitin. It allows staff to digitally mark-up and grade assignments online.  It is the most common way of providing feedback for file submissions.

If Grademark is being used a blue pencil icon will appear next to the file on the assignment page when it has been marked.

File and Grademark icon displayed on the assignment page

Click on the icon to open GradeMark with feedback. 


Overview of Grademark

The example below illustrates the layout in Grademark and indicates key points where you will find information related to your marked assessment task. The grade may be displayed in the top right corner of the page (some markers prefer to record grades directly in Moodle). Comments may be made at points throughout the assignment. You can see more detail for each comment by hovering the mouse pointer over each. There is also an area for overall feedback (see below).

feedback studio


Download the marked assignment

You can download a PDF copy of the marked assignment. To do this, click on the download icon as shown above. 


Annotate PDF

Annotate PDF is a grading tool built in moodle. It is often used for grading assignments that require handwritten feedback. When feedback is available a link and button appear in the Feedback area of the assignment page. Click the View annotated PDF... button to view feedback. Click the feedback file pdf to save a copy of the feedback for your records.

An example of the annotate pdf and link showing on the assignment page

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