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About your user profile

All UNE students and staff have a profile page in Moodle. At the very least your profile page will contain your name. You can include extra information about yourself, contact details and even add a photo.

A link to your profile will be visible to other students in some places in your online unit site, for example in participants lists or when you post to a forum. Be aware of what you include on your profile and only add information that you are prepared for others to see.

A users Moodle profile page

There is also a link to a page that shows all your open Moodle sessions. Other students will not see information related to your Browser sessions this will only be visible to you.

Links are provided to lists of all your forum posts and discussions you have started. Other students will only be able to access Forum posts if they already have access to these through the unit site.


Viewing your profile

The easiest way to view your profile is to log in to Moodle and click on the drop down menu next to your name and image in the top right hand corner of the screen. Choose 'Profile' to see your profile page. You can edit your profile from within your Profile page (see link in image above)

Profile menu


Editing your profile

Initially your profile will only contain your name. Your UNE email address will also be displayed but it will be set to hidden (by default), so while you can see it on this page, other students will not.

You can edit your profile from within your Profile page by clicking the Edit Profile link.

The page that opens has lots of places to add details. Just remember, you are not required to complete most of these and we don't recommend you give out any private details about yourself including any contact details. There are a few mandatory fields on the page. They are: City/Town and Country. If you wish to keep these private, you could set these to UNE and Australia.

There are some other fields that you may wish to modify:


Add some information about yourself.

Email display

We recommend that you set this as "Hide my email address from everyone" to prevent anyone seeing it or "Only allow other site members to see my email address"  to limit the people that can see your email address to those that have access to the same sites as you.


By default the the times displayed in Moodle are set to UNE's timezone (Server's local time). Change this to convert time-related messages (such as assignment deadlines and the times of forum posts) from UNE time to the correct time in whichever zone you have selected. Be aware that times displayed within the text of pages will not be changed. 

UNE time block

Adding/updating a picture

You can include an image in your profile. It will appear on your profile when others view it. A smaller version of the image will also be displayed next to your name in your forum posts and in other activities.

When inserting an image, it is your responsibility to ensure you do not breach copyright. The image should also be appropriate for a classroom setting. To insert a picture, click the browse button and locate the image on your computer. Moodle will automatically shrink the chosen image to 100 x 100 (cropping it into a square) during the upload process.


Tags allow students and teachers to link to one another through shared interest keywords, such as ‘Nursing’, ‘PHP’ or ‘Tennis’. To add tags to your profile, enter your interests separated by commas. Your interests will be displayed on your profile page. Clicking on one of your interests from your profile will open a page with a list of other people that share the same interest. Clicking on each of these will display their profile.


This menu option from the drop down menu (see image above) has a range of preferences you can change including Forum preferences and Badge management and preferences. 


Forum Preferences

Email digest type

You can choose to receive all forum posts as individual emails from Moodle or in a digest, i.e., in one daily message, usually sent in the afternoon. You can also choose how much information you want in your daily digest, either the full content of every message, or a summary of the day's posts with just the subject line listed for each one.

The default setting is 'No digest", meaning you receive an email for every post made to every forum to which you are subscribed. You may wish to change this to one of the digest options from the "Email digest type" drop-down menu as shown below:

Forum preferences, select daily digest full text

Forum auto-subscribe

If you select yes, it will mean that when you post a message to a forum, you will be subscribed to that forum and receive email copies of all messages for that forum. You may unsubscribe from most forums if you wish, bearing in mind you cannot unsubscribe from any Unit News and Announcements forum. Be warned that for some units with large enrolments you may receive a large number of emails. Consider receiving emails in a digest form (described above) instead of individual emails.

Forum tracking

If this is enabled on your Moodle site, it will highlight unread forum messages so you can easily see what is new and what you have already read. Most users generally prefer to have this turned on.

Highlighted forum post

More information and instructions for posting to a forum can be found on the Forums page in this site.

Badge management and preferences is explained in the Moodle Badges page in this site.

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