Navigating around Moodle

My Moodle

If you have accessed Moodle through the direct link you will be taken directly to your Dashboard. The Dashboard contains a list of all the sites that you have access to. Go to a site by clicking on the unit name. If you have accessed Moodle through the myUnits page in myUNE you will go directly to the site for the unit selected.

Unit sites

A typical teaching site looks something like these. Each site will vary depending on the activities and resources for the unit.

Topic layout

Some units use the topic layout. With this layout, links to all items are available from the unit main page.

Tile layout

In this layout, tile images are displayed for each topic. Each tile represents a topic or week depending on how the unit has been designed. Clicking on each tile opens the topic/ week. 

A unit site using the tile layout

From within a topic click on the Home button at the top to return to the unit main page or one of the other buttons to go directly to that section. An All Sections button may be present which will allow you to see all topics at once.

A view of a topic page showing the navigation tabs at the top


Most pages in Moodle are divided into sections: navigation on the left; unit content in the middle; and a column of blocks on the right.

Banner menu


At the top of all pages is link to a support page, a search function to search for units sites, as well as notifications and a link to Moodle messages

Unit Content

Topic areas

The centre of the page contains unit information and materials and is usually broken into sections called topics. A single topic may be highlighted green. This shows which topic is the current one to focus on.

Your Progress - Marking items complete

Down the right hand side of the centre modules there may be check boxes next to some of the items. These are used to show completion of that item. Some will be automatically ticked when you complete a task such as submit an assignment or complete a quiz. For other items you can manually mark them as complete yourself, such as for a page of information. This is optional. It allows you to check off items that you have viewed or completed so that you can keep track of your progress.

Blue box with no tick  This item has not been completed, but you can manually mark it completed by clicking on the tick (click again to remove the tick)

Blue box with tick  This item has manually been marked complete by the user

Green box with no tick  This item has not been completed. This item will be automatically marked complete according to conditions set by the teaching staff

Green box with a tick  This item has been automatically been marked complete based on set conditions


Side Navigation

You can use the left hand navigation to move between the topic within your unit (top half) as well as between your units and other Moodle pages from the black navigation panel along the left. 

Use the "hamburger menu" along the top to collapse the navigation panel if you want to hide it from view.

left hand navigation

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